We are a passionate and experienced team of medical consultants, scientific experts and IT specialists. Our deep implementation background offers a guarantee bringing scientific ideas, technology platforms and lifestyle products to life. Our team has more than 80 years experience of entrepreneurship.


Our main product is our CIRCLIV app. CIRCLIV is a holistic health and well being platform that serves employees of (big) companies. Besides CIRCLIV we also build software tools, which mainly serve as extensions for CIRCLIV. You are welcome to learn more about our app-based platform CIRCLIV by following the button.


We strive to encourage people to rediscover and optimize their health. That’s why our meta platform CIRCLIV and our software tools are always directly focused on the end user. In order to reach as many people as possible, we work together with corporate clients in terms of customer and employee loyalty programs. 

Why we're different.

We are not just a software company. We see ourselves as a content company. A development platform. A lifestyle brand. A start-up. But above all, as a health empowerment company.

We believe in a “healthy lifestyle on the go!” and our goals is to change our current health care system which is focused on reactive disease management into a health care system which is focused on proactive health management!

We are a young health empowerment company

Our goal is to implement health and a healthy lifestyle for more people “simply and easily” in their daily lives. To achieve this, we specialize in developing individual software solutions in the field of health management, prevention and lifestyle for corporate clients, as well as private end users, using state-of-the-art technology. With our platform solutions, we offer our corporate clients and users a holistic approach to personalized health.

We – the people of today – determine what a healthier future looks like.

Our vision

Sure – we develop software tools and are platform developers. But what drives us? A vision that is primarily content-based: We want to sustainably reduce lifestyle diseases in the future (especially in the western world) with our CIRCLIV app. Health management instead of disease therapy!

But how can we reduce lifestyle diseases with our software?

Lifestyle diseases are diseases which are primarily based on bad habits and a lifestyle which is not benefitting for your body and your soul. Western countries are especially affected by this issue. With our CIRCLIV platform and our software tools we aim to change the behavior and the user’s habits for the good and help the user to implement better lifestyle habits in the long term.

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Private endusers

Private end users are increasingly striving to use meaningful digital solutions on their end devices that fit their individual lifestyle. Digital health solutions are no longer just about traditional patient or disease management. Today’s users want to be well-informed about their health at any given time and to improve their state of health and wellness. We have built an excellent team to develop exactly such innovative app-based software solutions.

Corporate clients

We offer new requested added value for customer and employee loyalty programs and promote the health holistic self-image within society. With our platform and our software tools, we support prevention and make a contribution to health economics.

Employer Branding Content

Stand out as an employer by helping your employees stay on top of their health! Attracting employees to your company for many years and keeping up with competitive pressure is more difficult than ever. The employee’s personal values are undergoing a major upheaval. This makes it even more important for modern companies to establish individual and employee-oriented solutions for their employer branding strategies. Through years of expertise within our team, it is possible for us to offer you, together with your company, a customized health empowerment solution as a white label product.

Customer Loyalty Content

Especially in such fast-moving times as today, it is more difficult than ever for most companies to maintain their customer base in the long term. Even successful major companies have difficulties meeting the requirement profile of today’s modern, flexible and sustainably oriented customer. If you intend to stand out from your competitors and become a pioneer in innovative customer loyalty programs at an early stage, we’ll be happy to help. With us, you can implement individual loyalty content focusing on the health of your customers and thus stand out from traditional point collection.

“Gesundheit ist ein Megatrend – das äußert sich darin, dass gesundheitsorientierte Themen alle Bereiche unseres Alltags durchdringen. Unser Gesundheitsverständnis beeinflusst heute, was wir essen, wie wir arbeiten, was wir konsumieren, wie wir denken und leben. An Gesundheit richtet sich unser Leben aus.”

Zukunftsinstitut, Health Report, 2020